The Wrongest Mommy

I recently had the pleasure of seeing my story, “The Wrongest Mommy,” published on Here it is!


The Wrongest Mommy 

Eight-year-old Selah loves it when I retell stories of ridiculous things she did—or when I retell stories of ridiculous things I did.


Perhaps her second-favorite story is about the day that I stormed into the dining room, angered that I had heard the children using potty words while eating dinner. In my exhausted-mommy haze, I blurted, “You may not use that kind of words at my toilet!” instead of “You may not use that kind of words at my table.”

Needless to say, all vestiges of discipline went out the window at that point; the children just all erupted into hysterical laughter and kept repeating what I’d said, to my irritation.

Selah’s favorite story, however, is of a really dumb mistake I made that could have been terrible but luckily turned out okay in the end. And one day it occurred to her that four-year-old Asher did not know this story. At her request, I launched in.

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