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Stuff That Happens When I Am Not Looking

Once you are a parent–or really, once you have even just conceived–the advice starts rolling in. “Don’t leave the baby on the changing table unattended.” “Use ‘natural consequences’ to discipline your children.” “Don’t tell your child that he will go blind if he touches himself.” Well, I could probably write a blog post about any
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She’s a Princess Queen

My daughter sings. She sings all the time. She makes up songs all the time. Granted, when her children’s choir stands in front of our church, she mostly forgets to sing and just smiles at me instead. But when she’s alone, she sings. She also tends toward the dramatic in her singing. Several years ago,
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Friday Funny: Target Women

Happy Friday! Today’s selection comes from a series I love, narrated by Sarah Haskins. She compiles ads that target women, and then makes fun of them. If you have ever been irritated by how the media treats men, this one’s for you. Target Women: Doofy Husbands: (Note: a sad thing happened, which was that the
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Penis Envy

Our first child was a girl. Partly because of this, I think of her as kind of a “starter child.” I know it must be because I’m a woman, but having a child with a penis just felt entirely outside of my skill set. When we potty trained Selah, it seemed straightforward. The differences between
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At Least It’ll Make a Good Blog Post

We were planning to go camping for Memorial Day weekend. However, though the weather has been outright ridiculous lately, with day after day of warm sun–it suddenly cooled off for the weekend. We had already been a little worried about bringing three kids out to the woods, and when we realized that the highs would
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