Selah’s Moment of Fame

My daughter Selah knows her classics. OK, so she knows a kid version of one classic: Beowulf.*

Engrossed with Cat
Engrossed with Cat

When I worked for Ink&Paper Group, a publishing company in Portland, Oregon, Ink’s comics/graphic novels imprint published the first Kid Beowulf graphic novel. Selah was only about one year old at the time.

I had a copy of the book on my shelf through a couple of moves and a handful of years, and one day, a five-year-old Selah picked it up. I found her on the couch, and I was surprised when she stayed there for hours. She either couldn’t read at all yet or couldn’t read well, but she loved the story told through the pictures.

Through the years, she has kept coming back to this book. Now, the Kid Beowulf author, Alexis E. Fajardo, has written a blog about Selah, who is possibly his number one fan: Kids Love Kid B.


For more on Selah’s bookish tendencies, here’s Sweeter than I Expected.

*When I think about it, she’s read some other classics, too, such as abridged versions of The Secret Garden and Little Women. But somehow Beowulf seems different.


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