The Top Ten Statements Nobody Makes in the Meehan Household

As I was trying to clean this morning, and Noah was trying to get into and throw all of the Easter decorations, it made me think about cleaning. Or really, the lack of successful cleaning, compared to our pre-child years. If you knew us before we had kids, you would probably know that we like our house clean, and even used to kind of like cleaning itself. Now–well, now things are different.

This train of thought led to the first item on this list. And that got me thinking about some of the other things on this list.

See, while everyone in the Meehan family has plenty to say, there are also plenty of statements that nobody ever makes around here. Some are related to cleaning. Some are just related to…being a typical family, I guess. In the interest of time, I have narrowed it down to ten.

So, here are the top ten statements nobody makes in the Meehan household:

1) Hey, it IS possible to mop too often!

2) I’m so glad, dear Mother, that you care enough about us to feed us nourishing, well-balanced meals instead of junk food.

3) You know, let’s skip watching Cars for the 179th time, and just play quietly and without fighting.

4) Do you think we are spending too much time vacationing?

5) Would people please stop walking the dog? She is getting really tired.

6) You will be pleased to hear that I have said no to that prospective volunteer opportunity and also to an extra task for my job, and I will be spending the evening at home, rubbing your back.

7) Mother, I passed on that second cupcake they offered me at the party. I know it will just make me cry when I have a sugar crash.

8) Wow, I am really excited that you put your shoes on without my having to ask six times.

9) Dearest Daughter, I would really prefer that you keep reading your book instead of getting ready for school.

And finally,

10) No thanks, I would not care for a glass of wine.


4 responses to “The Top Ten Statements Nobody Makes in the Meehan Household”

  1. Totally relate! Thanks for making me laugh. Particularly the “Dearest Daughter, I would really prefer that you keep reading your book instead of getting ready for school”

    1. Yes, oddly, one of our biggest discipline issues with my daughter is that she reads too much. I wish that were the case with the next child in line!

      1. I realize that I’m commenting, like,2 1/2 years after the fact, but this was so me! I read everywhere.I.went. Drive my parents crazy (and my mom loves to read too). We went on vacations every summer all over the eastern half of the country, and I never saw anything out a car window because I was reading. And I can’t tell you how many things I’ve been late for over the years to “just finish this chapter…”

        1. Oh don’t worry, it’s all still true!

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