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  • Life Is Like a Random Red Sock in a Tree

    I am having a sad and disappointing few days. We’ve had a family loss and lost the house we wanted to a higher bidder, I’ve had some work stresses, frustrations, and minor disappointments, and my friends all keep having huge losses–and I finally just had a large pity party that I am probably way overdue for.…

  • Beautiful Endings

    Beautiful Endings

    Everything you need to know about child development, you can learn from soccer. I know that sounds weird. But it’s true. Selah has been on a soccer team since she was four. When she was four, I hated soccer, because she basically cried and fell down all the time, along with the rest of the…

  • Poem: Humanity

    Poem: Humanity



    This is a poem I mentally started when I was in Los Angeles for AWP.   Humanity I spot him as I get on the subway, All in black, with a black hat. He sits hunched over, as if sleeping. He doesn’t look asleep; he looks threatening. He’s dressed like a fighter, or a cowboy.…

  • The Spaces Between

    The Spaces Between

    Please bear with me. This is a sad post, and it is an attempt to process my grief a little. If you hate complaining, don’t read it. But this is the part I would not have chosen. The part where my kids are going to be gone half the time, all the time. It struck…