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  • A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

    A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

    This whole thing is terrible. I bought my mom a present what feels like a hundred years ago, but it’s heavy and fragile glass, and I feel like I don’t know how to mail things or how to accomplish much beyond the basics of somehow running a cooped-up household with my husband while we still…

  • What Are We Even Doing Here?

    What Are We Even Doing Here?

    I gave my kids a piece of candy before the Easter service, I’ll admit. It’s just that they asked, and they had cute little baskets from Dad’s, and they were cute, and it was my favorite holiday. It was a mistake, because on the ride from their dad’s house, between the sugar and the excitement of…

  • Miracle Baby

    Miracle Baby

    Five years ago, a miracle happened. I was in the labor and delivery room. I had reached that point in a pregnancy where almost inevitably the mother is actually eager to go into labor and give birth, terrifying as that sounds, just because it means she won’t have to be pregnant anymore. But I had…

  • Poem: Humanity

    Poem: Humanity



    This is a poem I mentally started when I was in Los Angeles for AWP.   Humanity I spot him as I get on the subway, All in black, with a black hat. He sits hunched over, as if sleeping. He doesn’t look asleep; he looks threatening. He’s dressed like a fighter, or a cowboy.…

  • Little Wandering Daughter

    Little Wandering Daughter

    As I drove out tonight, I looked up and saw the full moon in the sky. I took a moment to acknowledge my place underneath it. As I started driving again, I drove down the street past other cars, and we were like ants scurrying along on our busy way, oblivious beneath the moon. And…

  • Nap


    Small body, he lies beside me in my bed He snuggles his doggie into my neck And I’m not sure If he’s entrusting me with it Or if he’s entrusting it with me   His soft belly rises and falls He complains a little bit Just for show But we are both happy to be…

  • Sweeter than I Expected

    Sweeter than I Expected

    I think I was looking forward to the wrong things. When I found out Selah was going to be a girl, I was thrilled. I know, I’m a terrible feminist, but I couldn’t wait to dress her up in pretty clothes. It was going to be like having my very own living doll! People gave…