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  • In Response to Slate.com

    In Response to Slate.com

    A few weeks ago, I enjoyed reading “My Life Is a Waking Nightmare,” by Ruth Graham on Slate.com. She wrote from the perspective of a childless person who is encountering what feels like a new wave of parenting articles, spoofs, and blogs–including my post, “So You Would Like to Have Three Children.” In short, Ms.…

  • Sweet and Sour, Black and White

    Sweet and Sour, Black and White

    I don’t think of myself as a black-and-white thinker. I try to avoid categorizing people according to bipolar terms like “good” and “bad.” Some things are both a blessing and a curse. There isn’t always a right and a wrong; there isn’t always a victor and a loser. However, somehow in parenting, I think I…