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  • As We Prepare for Our Trip

    As We Prepare for Our Trip

    Dear Children, As we prepare for our upcoming trip, I would like to explain some things to you. This is a vacation. It is our first vacation in quite a while that doesn’t involve relatives, sleeping bags, or our imaginations. Mommy spent all of our money on this vacation, and some we don’t have. I am…

  • Going Crazy

    Going Crazy

    So here’s a little story from my husband: “Sometimes I’m sure I’m gonna go crazy,” I mutter to myself while driving. “Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy…and then I go crazy,” Asher mutters to himself in the backseat.   I think I need not write any more.

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    So, it may come as no surprise that I hate my car, a minivan that I never really wanted. But it turns out that it knows this, and it has started to punish me. It started subtly–randomly setting off its own panic device when I was out with it in public, and occasionally short-circuiting its…