Unsolved Mysteries

My house would be a great setting for a¬†mystery show or book. It’s full of problems, crime scenes, suspects, and¬†evidence. What we seem to be lacking is the Encylopedia Brown, DCS Foyle, or Jessica Fletcher. Here’s a list of heretofore unsolved mysteries:

1) Why the refrigerator smells.

2) Where all the shoes have gone. ALL the shoes. Or at least the ones that anyone can wear.

What do you mean these are all too "clumpy"? What does that even mean?
What do you mean these are all too “clumpy”? What does that even mean?

3) Who started it.

4) Who put these toys on the floor.

So these are your toys, and this is your room, but you did not make the mess?
So these are your toys, and this is your room, but you did not make the mess?

5) Why she always gets more than you.

6) What the name of the¬†friend is who stars in today’s tall tale.

7) Who started it now.

8) Where the homework directions are.

9) Where the shoes have gone this time.

10) Why the superglue has glued its own lid on even though I never got a chance to use it.

No glue for you!
No glue for you!

11) Why the car smells.

12) Who peed on the rug. Or at least what species did it.

13) Seriously, where the shoes went that you just wore yesterday.

14) Why you have been seen putting your seat belt on, but can no longer do it.

15) Why there are incriminating photos of you on my phone after you were supposed to be in bed.

This would be totally admissible in court.
This would be totally admissible in court.

16) Who ate the chocolate out of the drawer.

17) OK, if it wasn’t the molding sandwich¬†under the seat then why the car actually¬†smells.

18) How we can have 103 pairs of scissors but nobody can find any.

19) If you’re sure you fed the dog today, why she still looks hungry and is indoors still.

20) Why the cat who bites toes always chooses your bed instead of someone else’s bed.

Starting this list has made me realize that it could go on forever. I haven’t even started in on children who went to school but who don’t remember a single thing that happened to them or why it’s so hard to get out the door, even to go somewhere we all want to go and that we have prepared for in advance.

What’s on your list?



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Mystery Substance or Object
Mystery Substance or Object





9 responses to “Unsolved Mysteries”

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so stressed out now.

    1. I also love Noah’s expression in the incriminating evidence selfie.

    2. By having to think of unsolved mysteries? Or just because you are afraid to come to my house?

  2. 1. Where did the spoons go?
    2. Why are toddler schedules able to sleep in late on a weekday and not on a weekend?
    3. And – why are children who become zombies while watching TV in the living room act like they are ADD when watching the same shows in my bed (while I’m trying to sleep in)

    1. Oh yeah, spoons! All the good small spoons go away!

  3. lol my standard answer to “Mom where are my ???” is I don’t know, I’m not the last one who wore them. They eventually stop asking you!

    1. The problem with that is that Asher doesn’t WANT to go anywhere, so would probably take to hiding his shoes!

  4. Hee Hee… this made me giggle! It hit a little too close to home. We lost two of K’s best pairs of shoes this month by leaving them at the park and beach. I want to know why certain rooms in my house always smell like urine. Or maybe I don’t want to know why.

    1. Why the pee? Always the pee!

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