The Many Faces of Meltdown

Inspired by this photo of my friend’s son at the grocery store

Grocery Store Misery

I asked for courageous people to share photos of their kids having meltdowns for a short-winded collection. I am hoping that you will see beyond the fact that I am kind of laughing at childish rage, and feel comfort in the shared experience. And if your kids never look like this, I would like to know your secret. But also may not really want to be around you.

So here they are, running the gamut from pout to screech. Enjoy!

Baby Flipping the Bird
Baby Flipping the Bird


Hating the Birthday


He Can't Believe This
He Can’t Believe This


Usually the Sign that It's Time to Go
Usually the Sign that It’s Time to Go


Doesn't Like Pictures
Angry about Cutting His Own Hair


Sometimes angry is pretty darned cute:

Doesn't Like Naps
Doesn’t Like Naps


This one was  taken at my favorite place to bring kids.

At Target
At Target


Looks Like My Car
My Kids and I Like the Car Too


My child does not like having his photo taken.

School Picture
School Picture


Is it Dinnertime Yet?
Is it Dinnertime Yet?


I’ve shared this one before, but it’s just so precious:



OK, so this is my friend Alan, who didn’t want to be left out of the fun just because he’s not four.

No Comment Needed
No Comment Needed


And I have to say, I think this is the best photo ever. Hint: It’s not just of cars.

How Many Meltdowns Can You Find?
How Many Meltdowns Can You Find?



Here’s The Many Faces of Meltdown, part II.


5 responses to “The Many Faces of Meltdown”

  1. Haha the school picture! Love. It. When my sister was about 3 I audio recorded her ranting about wanting her hat. Somebody (probably big ol’ bad ol’ me) took away her fuzzy brown Hershey’s Chocolate World hat and damn, she was mad. If I ever find that recording I will MP3 it and share.

    1. That would be awesome! Someone asked me to write a blog next about what compels us to do things like snap photos of our kids having meltdowns (or record our sisters shouting). I think the answer probably has something to do with fallen mankind, haha.

  2. That last one really is the best!

    1. Isn’t it great?

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