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I call my youngest son No-no. His name is Noah, so it’s short for Noah. But at this age, not quite three, it’s also no coincidence, really. No-no (also goes by No-ee) is really a very sweet baby. I say this about him at an age in which I would already have been calling my
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But When Will She Dance?

My friend just had a baby. When I spotted them across the courtyard at church, I did what I tend to do when I see babies I know: I swooped in and asked if I could hold her. My friend was nice and indulged me in my desire for baby hugs. We were at the church’s
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Rebuttal and Train Museums

In my post entitled, “You Have Your Hands Full,” I said I had had quite a day at the train museum. Let’s back up a bit. Recently, “So You Would Like to Have Three Children” has been widely shared, and the comments have poured in. Many of them are from people sharing their own experiences,
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The Many Faces of Meltdown, Part II

Practically as soon as I posted my last collection of tantrum photos, I received a number of lovely new pieces. I hope you enjoy these and they help you feel more normal if you or your children sometimes look and feel like this.   Aren’t walks supposed to calm babies? Sometimes they don’t.    
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The Many Faces of Meltdown

Inspired by this photo of my friend’s son at the grocery store I asked for courageous people to share photos of their kids having meltdowns for a short-winded collection. I am hoping that you will see beyond the fact that I am kind of laughing at childish rage, and feel comfort in the shared experience.
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Calculating My Weighted Parenting GPA

There are times, as a parent, when I feel like I’m doing a good job, and I happily give myself an A. Child spills milk all over the table when I am about to finally sit down. “It’s OK. Here is a rag.” Mind says: You stayed calm. No big deal. Good. See, you are
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Crossing Invisible Finish Lines

Recently, I found our old copy of Sandra Boynton’s Snuggle Puppy. Though Noah was not keen on sitting still and letting anyone actually make it all the way through a book without seizing it and possibly throwing it, I thought that book had a chance. It’s mostly a song, so I thought that would capture
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Party Foul

When I was in graduate school studying publishing, we discussed a certain author and her series in my book marketing class. A well-known author, she was held up as having her act together on the marketing front. So when I met someone who said she was his grandmother, I was in awe. My new friend
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