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Miracle Baby

Five years ago, a miracle happened. I was in the labor and delivery room. I had reached that point in a pregnancy where almost inevitably the mother is actually eager to go into labor and give birth, terrifying as that sounds, just because it means she won’t have to be pregnant anymore. But I had
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You Have Your Hands Full…

Yesterday, I went to the train museum with my children. This really warrants its own blog post, but in the meantime, IT happened. Exhausted (remember, another post is coming), I got to the second-floor area with the toy trains children can play with. I sat down next to another woman, and we watched the kids
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Herding Cats

The other night, I had my three kids post in mind. I asked the children if they would like to eat dinner outdoors. I partly did this because the evening weather was beautiful. I mostly did this because it seemed way too hard to convince the three of them to come indoors and clean up
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Perfect [Bleep] Storm

I grew up camping. Many of my favorite early memories involve sleeping in tents by some lake or river somewhere, with my parents, two siblings, and dog (see Go Home Lassie, You Are Drunk). In my mind, these trips were relaxing, easy peasy, simple. We’d eat sandwiches in the dust and swim in the [insert
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The Fairy Princess Surprise

Dear Noah, I am going to tell you about a certain incident that happened in your babyhood. I want to tell you now, so that we can get proper mileage out of it in years to come. I don’t want your high school graduation or your wedding to be the first time you hear about
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Little Buppy

As many of you know, I cried the entire time I was pregnant with my third child. I felt so overwhelmed with two! But something wonderful happened. Or a combination of factors that worked out to be wonderful. For one, Noah is a sweet baby. Also, it turns out the more babies you have, the
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