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Three! Three? Three!

At the most recent Writers Who Wine gathering, one woman said, “Oh, I just LOVE three year olds! That’s the best age!” Wrinkling her nose, another woman asserted, “No. It’s the worst age. Three year olds are just awful!” Before I had kids, I would have agreed with woman one. After I’d had one and
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No Shoes, No Shirt, No…

Recovering from the flu and not feeling up to making dinner, I took the kids to Jamba Juice. They were very excited. I seated the children at the counter while we waited, and Asher took off his shoes. If you know Asher, you are not surprised that he took his shoes off at a Jamba
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This Is Just to Say: A Halloween Poem

This Is Just to Say I have eaten the Halloween candy that was in your bag and which you are probably old enough to remember exists now Forgive me it was delicious so sweet and so chocolatey I composed this high-quality poem last year after Halloween, in the style of William Carlos Williams. It first
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