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  • Mary


    My hands broke sticks from the fallen limb Their voices reached me before they did They took up the sky The largest flock of migrant geese I’ve seen, and I stopped and watched I asked if they were going to Canada, and my imagination failed Before my eyes they unraveled The followers flowing up to…

  • chaospoem


    where are the wii remotes she said banging in the door swinging child do not come in here and ask me where the remotes are I am editing poems and I never use those  

  • Solo Bike Ride

    Solo Bike Ride



    Riding uphill Out of breath Sing a little song The wheels sing with me   Looking down Rugged coast, rocky ocean White church, sharp steeple Quaint Unknown lives   A little lost Downhill Estuary’s quiet waters Slippery gravel   Bunny!   Peace Quiet redwood forest Daisy path Snowy flowers peppered with Yellow buttercups   Quickening…

  • Afternoon Off

    Afternoon Off

    sweet baby melted body dozy idle *** clean floor guests coming hide that *** warm dirt lazy sun kids inside quiet baby carrot cool, sweet