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  • Nap


    Small body, he lies beside me in my bed He snuggles his doggie into my neck And I’m not sure If he’s entrusting me with it Or if he’s entrusting it with me   His soft belly rises and falls He complains a little bit Just for show But we are both happy to be…

  • The Friday Before Christmas

    The Friday Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the Friday before Christmas And in the mom’s mind Came a shocked realization She was running out of time   Free shipping was ending The stockings lay slack The kids had been with Dad But they were coming back   But what would she get them These children of hers They had plenty of…

  • This Is Just to Say: A Halloween Poem

    This Is Just to Say: A Halloween Poem

    This Is Just to Say I have eaten the Halloween candy that was in your bag and which you are probably old enough to remember exists now Forgive me it was delicious so sweet and so chocolatey I composed this high-quality poem last year after Halloween, in the style of William Carlos Williams. It first…

  • Solo Bike Ride

    Solo Bike Ride



    Riding uphill Out of breath Sing a little song The wheels sing with me   Looking down Rugged coast, rocky ocean White church, sharp steeple Quaint Unknown lives   A little lost Downhill Estuary’s quiet waters Slippery gravel   Bunny!   Peace Quiet redwood forest Daisy path Snowy flowers peppered with Yellow buttercups   Quickening…

  • Afternoon Off

    Afternoon Off

    sweet baby melted body dozy idle *** clean floor guests coming hide that *** warm dirt lazy sun kids inside quiet baby carrot cool, sweet