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  • Gamblin’ Man

    Gamblin’ Man

    On Wednesday, Noah had his first soccer practice. He’s not quite four, so my expectations were not high. When the other kids were four, if memory serves, I basically watched their whole teams spontaneously, simultaneously fall down over and over, throughout the entire game, every game. There was very little ball kicking, and quite a…

  • Bad Little Girls Get Stung by Bees

    Bad Little Girls Get Stung by Bees

    I have already written about my daughter’s room. Basically it’s a mess. It’s a real mess. It’s kind of embarrassing how messy it is, and yet I have no idea how to clean it, so I don’t really know how to tell her to clean it. But periodically I issue various threats and edicts, and…

  • Signs of Subpar Parenting

    Signs of Subpar Parenting

    I’m not saying that all this stuff happened. This is just a random list of red flags, I swear, just signs that would indicate subpar parenting. Telling his father that we should have named Asher Ashhole instead Going to Mother’s Day tea and hearing the sentence “My Mommy spends all her time______” finished with the word…

  • Photojournalism at Its Finest

    Photojournalism at Its Finest



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    My friend Joe feels this blog should contain something other than posts about my children. Needless to say, I have TONS of other stuff going on. So, Joe, this is what I’ve been up to:   I won a Nobel Peace Prize. This is me parking in my “special spot.”   I ate some jelly…