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  • We’ve All Been There

    We’ve All Been There

    The other night, my friend texted me this photo,* saying, “My child in line at the grocery store tonight. It was not a good night.” I only laugh because I understand. Hopefully by now you are laughing too–I think you probably are. *** For more on why the grocery store is freaking awesome, watch She…

  • She Needs Groceries: Written Version

    She Needs Groceries: Written Version

    I remember those days clearly. There Iā€™d be, shopping in Target with all of my disposable income, buying something frivolous, like a CD or a new toothbrush when my current one was two and a half months old. And then, bam! My peace would be shattered by a shopping cart full of wailing toddlers. Or…

  • She Needs Groceries: Live Reading

    She Needs Groceries: Live Reading

    At long last, they have posted the videos from the 2013 Listen to Your Mother show. Here’s my reading. Enjoy! If you’d rather read the essay yourself or don’t have time for a video, here’s the written version. Thankfully, though the video did not come out in very good quality, Sarah Maren Photographers came through…