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I Guess I’d Still Like to Have Three Children

I stumbled across a comment on my blog today, asking me how old I am now and suggesting that the writer of the comment, who’s just about my age, would still like to have three children. It made me think. I still do have three children (thankfully). Sometimes I think about the essay I wrote
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It’s Broken

Every now and then I am struck by stupid grief. This morning, I went out into my sunny garden to stretch a bit. I found a plastic container out there, one that my ex had written “baby oatmeal” on. And it broke my heart. It’s been years since this container held baby oatmeal but I
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Gratitude for Grief

Honestly, this is going to be a weird Thanksgiving post. I’m not going to show you pictures of my turkey. I’m not going to tell you I’m grateful for my friends and family and leave it at that. This is my first Thanksgiving on my own. Without a spouse, and without kids. I opted for
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I Am Still Here

It has been weighing on me that I have not been writing much lately. I have been unsure what I could possibly respectfully and sanely share during a weird, transitional sort of time in my life. But not writing does not do much for me either, so I am just kind of…writing. This change from
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The Spaces Between

Please bear with me. This is a sad post, and it is an attempt to process my grief a little. If you hate complaining, don’t read it. But this is the part I would not have chosen. The part where my kids are going to be gone half the time, all the time. It struck
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Laughing When Life Is Stinky

There are many unknowns in this life. It is reassuring that you can always make a seven year old crack up when you use “toilet” or “stinky” in Mad Libs. I learned several years ago that once you become a parent, you don’t get to grieve, not really. When my grandmother passed away, I wanted
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