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  • Trees of Christmas Past, Present, and Future

    Trees of Christmas Past, Present, and Future

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the other night I was thinking about Christmas trees. I had been trying  to figure out what to do on the Christmas-tree front. Way back in college I used to get my own trees on my own, though they tended to be of the smallish variety. The living room of my current house…

  • Perfect [Bleep] Storm

    Perfect [Bleep] Storm

    I grew up camping. Many of my favorite early memories involve sleeping in tents by some lake or river somewhere, with my parents, two siblings, and dog (see Go Home Lassie, You Are Drunk). In my mind, these trips were relaxing, easy peasy, simple. We’d eat sandwiches in the dust and swim in the [insert…

  • Going Crazy

    Going Crazy

    So here’s a little story from my husband: “Sometimes I’m sure I’m gonna go crazy,” I mutter to myself while driving. “Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy…and then I go crazy,” Asher mutters to himself in the backseat.   I think I need not write any more.

  • Sacrificing Mom for the Dog

    Sacrificing Mom for the Dog

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: My dad, in response to this blog post, just sent me photographic evidence: Only it’s clearly a Photoshop job or something. If you are confused, it’s because you haven’t read the whole sordid story yet. *** So it’s time to set the story straight. My dad constantly tells a version of this story…

  • Please Just Leave Me Alone

    Please Just Leave Me Alone

    Hopefully, looking at my little collage, you will think, “Oh man, I’ve been there,” instead of “Why are these people such crappy parents?”