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Any Story but Their Own

Have you ever kind of bumped into a stranger’s story? For example, one time I was at a stoplight and watched a woman climb out of the driver’s seat of her vehicle, take her purse from the back, and walk away down the street. Eventually a very angry man got out of the passenger’s seat
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What Are We Even Doing Here?

I gave my kids a piece of candy before the Easter service, I’ll admit. It’s just that they asked, and they had cute little baskets from Dad’s, and they were cute, and it was my favorite holiday. It was a mistake, because on the ride from their dad’s house, between the sugar and the excitement of
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But When Will She Dance?

My friend just had a baby. When I spotted them across the courtyard at church, I did what I tend to do when I see babies I know: I swooped in and asked if I could hold her. My friend was nice and indulged me in my desire for baby hugs. We were at the church’s
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This Is My Circus; These Are My Monkeys

This morning I brought my kids to  church with me. Whew. Somehow I have always found getting my children to church very difficult and tiring. I’m not exactly sure why, since we don’t have to leave as early as we do for school, and there is no need for lunches or anything–but it’s possible that
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Intimately Connected

Tonight I went to a Maundy Thursday service at my church. This day commemorates the Last Supper, when Jesus broke bread with his disciples and washed their feet in a final act of service before his death. I have gone to a Maundy Thursday potluck before, where I ate church food and talked to nice
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Worst Baptism Ever

So. [Deep breath. Let it out.] Where do I begin? My family is Presbyterian. Presbyterians often baptize their children as infants, with a baptism being part of the “entry into the community” kind of deal. However, I learned this past weekend that they also do this for a far more important reason. Because they are
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