She Needs Groceries: Live Reading

At long last, they have posted the videos from the 2013 Listen to Your Mother show. Here’s my reading. Enjoy!

If you’d rather read the essay yourself or don’t have time for a video, here’s the written version.

Thankfully, though the video did not come out in very good quality, Sarah Maren Photographers came through with some much better pictures!

LTYM read 1


LTYM read 2

LTYM read 3

LTYM read 5

LTYM read 6

LTYM audience

LTYM read

To watch the rest of the videos from my show, visit the LTYM show Youtube channel here. (Note the photo of yours truly and my castmates in the header!)

For more on the show, you can visit the Listen to Your Mother website and follow Listen to Your Mother on Facebook and Twitter.

*The qualify of the video is kind of disappointing, but what can you do?


  1. Christine Meehan:

    You did a great job, Laura!!!
    I enjoyed your reading very much. You’re a great reader and funny too. i listened to all o the readers and will listen again. Thank you for sharing!!!


  2. Diana G:

    Thank you for sharing the video with us! Your reading absolutely came to life in your voice – you have great timing. 😉


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