Listen to Your Mother

Yesterday, I got to go have my picture taken by the most amazing photographer–for free! If you know me, you know that “free stuff” is kind of my love language. But so is being made to feel pretty by Lisa Smiley’s awesome photography skills. “Why this free photography?” you might ask. “And why are you
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Reasons I Cannot Afford a “Swear Jar”

1) For some reason, I spill glasses of water a lot. And I always manage to do this right next to stacks of paperwork and/or other stuff I don’t want obliterated. 2) I have three kids. You know those people who are all, “God gives you children to grow your patience, yada yada”? Well, they
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Word Tasting

I hold a glass of words Like red wine I savor the exquisite taste Of finding just the right one
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So, it may come as no surprise that I hate my car, a minivan that I never really wanted. But it turns out that it knows this, and it has started to punish me. It started subtly–randomly setting off its own panic device when I was out with it in public, and occasionally short-circuiting its
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Sometimes I take comfort in the fact that others are clearly going through what I am going through. Asher: Noah and also Asher:  
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Please Just Leave Me Alone

Hopefully, looking at my little collage, you will think, “Oh man, I’ve been there,” instead of “Why are these people such crappy parents?”
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Being Celiac: What I Miss

I am often tempted to try to get people to understand what life is like as a person with Celiac disease, because I encounter everything from misunderstandings to downright outrageous comments when the subject comes up. Maybe this will enlighten you. Or maybe I just need my moment on the soapbox. First, let me note
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D&#$ the Time Change All to Hell, M*%}#^% F}%%#^ S{*+#^!!!!!!!!!!!!: A Bedtime Book

This is not just a blog; it’s a book, inspired by the time change and some other well-known raging parent bedtime books. Illustrations are pending. It’s called D&#$ the Time Change All to Hell, M*%}#^% F}%%#^ S{*+#^!!!!!!!!!!!!  Once there was a nice mommy. She liked giving hugs and kisses. She liked playing Hot Wheels with
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