Dress-Up Disaster

My last funny pet story was about Darryl the cat, named after Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. Well, this one is too. Darryl figures heavily into my childhood, because he came along in that sweet spot of childhood when your pets are your primary playmates. Especially if you live in the middle of nowhere. Darryl also
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More Fine Photojournalism: The Anatomy of a Sibling Argument

I am interrupting my series of weird pet stories to bring you another photojournalism project. The children had a lemonade stand. Meaning I shopped, planned, lemonade-made, and set up the stand, and then watched the kids drive each other crazy. It was about 90 degrees, and they were hungry, and we all grew a little
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Mystery Cat

My husband told me I should write about some of my family’s pet stories. I think he said this because they are such awesome stories. There is also a distinct possibility that he just wanted me to tell someone else about them, because he was sick to death of hearing the same couple of stories from my
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Friday Funny: Baby Monkey

I have thought it would be fun to have some kind of silly waste of time each Friday. Let’s be honest: you know that’s all Friday afternoon is good for. I hereby dedicate this, my first Friday Funny, to Beth, who really doesn’t want this song in her head. And to Micah, of course, who
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All in the Family

A couple years ago, I was hunting around for genealogy stuff, trying to find a link between my Bradley ancestors and my friend Linda’s.* My branch of the Bradley clan lived in King Ferry, New York. When I was Googling things like “Jabez Bradley King Ferry,” I stumbled across these photos:   That’s my grandmother
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Fake Grace

Yesterday, I was lying in bed with Asher. When I nap with him, I often find out what he’s been thinking about, because as he gets sleepy, he tends to throw out random details. The topic of the day yesterday was theological in nature. Asher goes to a Christian preschool, and sometimes I can tell
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Carpe Some Other Diem

Why am I so crazy? I spend my workdays missing my kids. Their soft little heads and infectious laughs. Selah’s jokes. I look forward to being with them again. As soon as I am with my kids, I start feeling irritable and barking at people. “Don’t touch that!” “Oh, gross!” “Stop FIGHTING!” I wish they
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Photojournalism at Its Finest

My friend Joe feels this blog should contain something other than posts about my children. Needless to say, I have TONS of other stuff going on. So, Joe, this is what I’ve been up to:   I won a Nobel Peace Prize. This is me parking in my “special spot.”   I ate some jelly
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Changeable Charmer

I don’t entirely understand it, but my three-year-old son Asher is like a hot woman at a bar. People just come up and give him free stuff. Here he is with a free cake pop the woman at Starbucks gave him when our friend Lisa had already bought him a banana and chocolate milk. I
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The Top Ten Statements Nobody Makes in the Meehan Household

As I was trying to clean this morning, and Noah was trying to get into and throw all of the Easter decorations, it made me think about cleaning. Or really, the lack of successful cleaning, compared to our pre-child years. If you knew us before we had kids, you would probably know that we like
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