Small body, he lies beside me in my bed

He snuggles his doggie into my neck

And I’m not sure

If he’s entrusting me with it

Or if he’s entrusting it with me


His soft belly rises and falls

He complains a little bit

Just for show

But we are both happy to be here



I press my cheek against his

Unbelieveably, unbearably soft

He doesn’t move away

Not yet


He says he’s not a baby

And he’s right

But his body remembers

What it was like to be part of mine

I can still fold him

Bendy arms and legs

Into a little ball

Our bodies nestle into each other now


We sleep





4 responses to “Nap”

  1. I remember days like this when my grandson was small. Makes me happy and sad

    1. Yeah, the thought of my youngest getting bigger and growing away from me makes me really sad. It’s so fleeting.

  2. Sheryl Taylor Avatar
    Sheryl Taylor

    Lovely. Brings it all back. Sweet precious memories.

  3. Dinah Clark Avatar
    Dinah Clark

    I love Laura! Reminds me of my baby boy!

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