Friday Funny: The Penguin GIF

Today’s Friday Funny is the Penguin GIF. It is literally only three seconds long. I have already shared this with too many people and watched it too many times. But that’s because somehow it makes my whole day each time I watch it.


Enjoy! Happy Friday!


Do you have something funny I should look at or watch? I am always looking out for new, quirky stuff to look at instead of being responsible.


More fun:

Humans Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like Humans

Cat in a Box



  1. going on growing:

    Have you seen The Penguin Dilemma Translated and Cat vs Printer Translated on You Tube? Not sure if it’s your type of humor but I laugh every time. Not sure if these links will work: (*bad language alert*)


    • Laura:

      Oh good! This looks a lot more fun than doing something productive.


  2. going on growing:

    The fainting goats always get me, too!


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