Friday Funny: The Oatmeal

I have posted several parental-angst posts lately, so here’s something a little more fun for your Friday afternoon.

I love the Oatmeal. The comic, not the food.* I mean, what’s not to like about a site whose categories are “Cats,” “Food,” “Animals,” “Grammar,” and “Tech”? It helps that I also enjoy being sarcastic and drawing stick-figure comics. I will admit that I’m a little mad that *I* have not become famous and wealthy doing those things. But that’s OK.

So here’s a little comic for you. Have you ever had someone argue with you about whether or not something was ironic? Here’s the Oatmeal’s answer for that:

The Oatmeal: Irony

Disclaimer: his comics are usually riddled with bad words. But, to be honest, so am I. And proceed with caution: some of his comics even horrify me. But most of them are hilarious.


*I like the food oatmeal too. But I’m probably not going to write any posts about it. Because it’s just not that funny.

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