Friday Funny: Humans Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like Humans

One day, my spouse came home, and caught me watching this instead of working.

It was kind of worth it though, because then I was able to make him watch it too. Perhaps you have already seen this video. But perhaps you should watch it again. They say laughing is good for you. And yeah, some of them are sheep, so this may not be the most appropriately titled video ever.

However, you probably have not seen this particular version:

I think this makes me laugh so much because I have periodically gone around doing this too. See if you don’t find yourself tempted to periodically just go, “AAAAAAAA!” like a humanlike goat/sheep.


Miss the last Friday Funny? You really need to add Baby Monkey to your repertoire. I can also frequently be found singing this around our house. Or my friend Beth’s house (you’re welcome, Beth).

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