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At Least It’ll Make a Good Blog Post

We were planning to go camping for Memorial Day weekend. However, though the weather has been outright ridiculous lately, with day after day of warm sun–it suddenly cooled off for the weekend. We had already been a little worried about bringing three kids out to the woods, and when we realized that the highs would
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Parenting with Love, Randomness, and Therapy Funds

Full disclosure time: I have not parented my children with an equal hand. This may be why Selah can be a bit whiny and Asher is so angry. And Noah? Awww, he’s just a wittle baby. But here’s the thing I have learned: children are like snowflakes. They come in all different shapes and sizes,
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Worst Baptism Ever

So. [Deep breath. Let it out.] Where do I begin? My family is Presbyterian. Presbyterians often baptize their children as infants, with a baptism being part of the “entry into the community” kind of deal. However, I learned this past weekend that they also do this for a far more important reason. Because they are
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More Fine Photojournalism: The Anatomy of a Sibling Argument

I am interrupting my series of weird pet stories to bring you another photojournalism project. The children had a lemonade stand. Meaning I shopped, planned, lemonade-made, and set up the stand, and then watched the kids drive each other crazy. It was about 90 degrees, and they were hungry, and we all grew a little
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Fake Grace

Yesterday, I was lying in bed with Asher. When I nap with him, I often find out what he’s been thinking about, because as he gets sleepy, he tends to throw out random details. The topic of the day yesterday was theological in nature. Asher goes to a Christian preschool, and sometimes I can tell
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Carpe Some Other Diem

Why am I so crazy? I spend my workdays missing my kids. Their soft little heads and infectious laughs. Selah’s jokes. I look forward to being with them again. As soon as I am with my kids, I start feeling irritable and barking at people. “Don’t touch that!” “Oh, gross!” “Stop FIGHTING!” I wish they
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Listen to Your Mother

Yesterday, I got to go have my picture taken by the most amazing photographer–for free! If you know me, you know that “free stuff” is kind of my love language. But so is being made to feel pretty by Lisa Smiley’s awesome photography skills. “Why this free photography?” you might ask. “And why are you
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Sometimes I take comfort in the fact that others are clearly going through what I am going through. Asher: Noah and also Asher:  
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Please Just Leave Me Alone

Hopefully, looking at my little collage, you will think, “Oh man, I’ve been there,” instead of “Why are these people such crappy parents?”
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D&#$ the Time Change All to Hell, M*%}#^% F}%%#^ S{*+#^!!!!!!!!!!!!: A Bedtime Book

This is not just a blog; it’s a book, inspired by the time change and some other well-known raging parent bedtime books. Illustrations are pending. It’s called D&#$ the Time Change All to Hell, M*%}#^% F}%%#^ S{*+#^!!!!!!!!!!!!  Once there was a nice mommy. She liked giving hugs and kisses. She liked playing Hot Wheels with
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