Accidentally Breaking Bad

Just found my daughter and her sweet little friend looking guilty in my daughter’s room.

What they were trying to hide was that they were stirring together various household substances in cups, experiment-style.

“What’s in it?” I ask.

“Um, just some stuff,” Selah says.

“What stuff?”

“Just some salt and stuff.”

I force her to explain WHAT stuff. She hands me the list. (They made a list.)

Hand sanitizer
Orange pill

“OK,” I say. I get ready to tell her that Zyrtec is expensive. But wait. What orange pill?

I ask. She doesn’t know. Brings me to the bathroom.

It’s Sudafed.

Meth. They’re basically making meth.


I give a lecture on how they are playing with medicine, and that’s both expensive and dangerous. Tell her about how people use this medicine to make dangerous drugs, and how the act of making those drugs blows people up. She looks serious and concerned.

Then I go laugh for fifteen minutes in the other room.


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