Month: February 2023

  • Revival


    So. How were the last three, or maybe five or six–or possibly like ten–years for you? Mine were OK, I guess. Meaning they were kind of a foggy blur of loss and pandemic and political theater and scary weather patterns. I was grateful that I like my house and I found therapy in gardening, pets,…

  • Any Story but Their Own

    Any Story but Their Own

    Have you ever kind of bumped into a stranger’s story? For example, one time I was at a stoplight and watched a woman climb out of the driver’s seat of her vehicle, take her purse from the back, and walk away down the street. Eventually a very angry man got out of the passenger’s seat…

  • The Bath

    The Bath



    I will finish my book with a glass of wine. The bath water isn’t quite warm enough. Forgot my glasses. Can’t read. Getting cold. Hunker down. Can’t reach wine. Don’t really want it. Outside cat rhythmically howls. Howl. Beat. Howl. Beat. We are separated. Teen. Frigid air rushes in. “Mealworms in the pancake mix.” (Where…